White Sand Beach in Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia

A recommended tourist spot lies in Pangandaran Regency called Penanjung. It consists of several attractions, including the white sand beach! That is true. It is the best choice that tourists can enjoy, especially during holidays. It belongs to Pangandaran Nature Park or TWA and becomes one of the best locals’ tourist attractions in that region. People love its unspoiled beauty and the comfy of the wind on the beach. Not to mention they want to try riding the local boat and get around the shore with other passengers. What is more?

The Nuance
Being a great natural attraction makes the white sand beach of Pangandaran popular among travelers. During weekends, the beach is always crowded with tourists. The locals and people from other cities come to the site to enjoy such beautiful days, after all. Most of them are families so kids are seen as well there. They walk leisurely in the shoreline and get in the crystal clear blue sea water! Some of them ride the boats parked in that area while enjoying the breezy wind of the sea. When the atmosphere becomes too hot, they can simply rest under shady trees and bushes located near to the site. What a perfect day!

Exploring White Sand Beach  
Another name of the beach is Penanjung, featuring sloping and beautiful formation of sand. The waves are calm and safe, so it is suitable for swimming or doing other types of water sports. For those who do not like the activities, they can enjoy the calming nuance of the beach. That means beach walking and photography are also popular. Knowing this fact, many tourists would never forget to carry a camera or wear comfortable attire when coming to the site. The best thing is they have many options of fun activities to do in that area.

The next fun activity is surfing. Despite the weak waves, the sea is good enough to satisfy tourists’ hobby. Moreover, beginners can try it without worrying about their skills (at least they know the basics and how to swim). What is next? For a more challenging activity, tourists can go diving. The underwater scenery is splendid and the water is warm. Not to mention the visibility is quite satisfying, so tourists can see fishes and several corals clearly.

In terms of nuance, Penanjung Beach is a little bit similar to Kuta. It is because tourists would find local tattoo artists in that area. No wonder, getting a non-permanent tattoo becomes a new trend among them. The price is cheap and the result is wonderful. On top of that, it is a good deal and becomes a great memento!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, travelers must head to the nature park (Penunjang) right away. The best route to take is Cijulang Raya Street and the trip takes about 2 hours. When it comes to the distance, it is approximately 35 km. The thing is they must arrive at the location before 5 pm (the close hour).

Where to Stay

  • Bamboo House Hotel
  • Arnawa Hotel
  • Krisna Beach Hotel
  • Pamordian Hotel

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