Pepedan Hill in Parigi Sub-District, Pangandaran Regency

Perhaps lots of tourists have recognized Pangandaran Regency due to its charming beaches. The fact is that other tourist destinations are also available there. For instance, travelers can visit a beautiful hill called Pepedan. Just like the name implies, it is located in Pepedan Village and belongs to Parigi Sub-District. It is the place to witness natural scenery from above just like that of Bandung’s Tebing Keraton and Purwakarta’s Panenjoan. Some locals call it “Bukit Cinta” or Love Hill, though. Apart from sightseeing, visitors would enjoy other activities like photography, agrotourism, camping, and exploration.

The Nuance
The locals named it the love hill not without a reason. It is because the hill features a formation of woods which have the shape of words “I Love You”. From the location, visitors usually take selfie and sit together with their friends. The next feature is the green and lush trees that cover the entire part of the hill. In terms of nuance, the hill emits a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The weather is even refreshing in both the morning and afternoon. One thing, the fog often appears on the site and may block the views of nature.

Exploring Pepedan Hill
Tourists have different reasons in visiting Pepedan Hill. Most of them, though, want to take good pictures of nature and selfies. Their favorite place to visit is the “Love Spot”, even though it takes much effort to head to the location. Due to the reason, everyone should have come with good stamina and wear proper footwear as it takes a small trekking to reach the spot. All people are allowed to explore the hill as long as they pay attention to such tips. Even kids and women are good to go.

The best time to visit Pepedan Hill is in the afternoon. The reason is none other than the opportunity to witness the stunning sunset. It gives a challenge to tourists, though. The route becomes dark as the sun sets. That means they must be careful when going down the hill later. As an alternative, tourists can come either in the morning or at noon. In this case, their prime destination should be the natural cave called Nyiuran. It resides in the southwest of the hill, actually.

Another fun thing to do in Pepedan Hill is enjoying agrotourism. With a small hiking, tourists can reach a site where they encounter vast farms. On the site, they are allowed to pick fruits, feed the livestock, etc. Even camping becomes a good activity in the hill while tourists can also enjoy local dishes like Liwet Rice!

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, a trip to Parigi Sub-District may take about 1 hour as the distance is 27 km. Travelers can take Raya Cijulan Street for a faster trip, though. Once reaching the site, their next destination is Pepedan Village. For those coming from Cintaratu, the trip takes longer which is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Java Lagoon Hotel
  • Bamboo House Hotel
  • Sunrise Resort Batukaras

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