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Not many travelers have heard about Pangandaran City, which is the part of West Java Province. However, some passionate tourists often read reviews regarding beautiful beaches in such region. For example, it is Lembah Putri Beach! It is safe to say that the beach becomes a hidden paradise of Pangandaran. The location is in Putrapinggan Village and it belongs to Kalipucang Sub-District. Providing both beauty and comfortable atmosphere, the beach often becomes the best place to spend a family vacation and conduct photography. It is even suitable for relaxing, as well.

The Nuance
The best charm of Lembah Putri Beach is its secluded location. Not many people are seen on the site so tourists can enjoy a peaceful nuance without any disturbance. The beach is located near to the hills and the waves are considered strong. The sand of the beach has the color of brown and the texture is soft. That means going barefoot on the shoreline would be comfortable. Another great charm of the beach is that it is located near to a famous water park! Due to the fact, tourists can go to two vacation destinations in one go.

Exploring Lembah Putri Beach
In term of beauty, Lembah Putri Beach is similar to other beaches in Pangandaran like Keusik, Kerapyak, Madasari, Karang Nini, and others. Even though each of them has a unique characteristic, Lembah Putri wins in the aspect of waterpark access. Apart from enjoying the peaceful nuance, tourists usually go hiking on the nearby hills and witness the sea from that location. Visitors should pass through the gate and pay the entry fee in order to access the hill, though. The sea scenery appears better in such site!

The next reason to visit Lembah Putri Beach is the sunset. It is better to come during the dusk or before the sunset, so tourists won’t miss such amazing natural attraction. Not only people can enjoy the sunset from the shoreline, they can also go up to the view point in the nearby hill for a better view. Stairs are available but it might take some efforts to go up. In this case, everyone should come with a good stamina and carry some drinks or hiking equipment.

Another unique charm of the beach is the presence of a miniature of the Great Wall of China. Everyone is going to encounter such structure when reaching the beach, after all. It becomes the trademark of the location with the height of about 1 meter. Unfortunately, the condition is not as good as it used to be, covered by weeds. The wall often becomes an object of photography and a place to rest for visitors, actually. Not to mention people often take selfies in front of it.

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How to Get There
A trip from Pangandaran City to Kalipucang Sub-District takes about 50 minutes and the distance is 21 km. Tourists can use Banjar – Pangandaran Street for a faster trip, actually. Next, they must head to Putrapinggan Village and conduct a small trekking in order to reach the site. Make sure to carry enough foods and drinks!

Where to Stay

  • Puri Malinda Hotel
  • Mustika Ratu Hotel
  • Airy Pangandaran Hotel
  • Century Hotel

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