Santirah River Tubing in Cijulang Sub-District, Pangandaran

Pangandaran is one of the best cities in West Java Province. The reason is that many tourist spots are available for tourists to enjoy. For example, there is Santirah River Tubing. As the name suggests, it is an activity done in Santirah River. The location is in Cijulang Sub-District and tourists can reach it from other cities like Bandung and Jakarta. Apart from river tubing, tourists can enjoy the serene nature of the site like the song of the birds, dense trees, comfortable atmosphere, and others. With amazing nature and professional facilities, everyone can spend a wonderful vacation there.

The Nuance
The nuance of Santirah River is both peaceful and comfortable. The stream of the water is calm and it is surrounded by beautiful cliffs that are covered by bushes and trees. The color of the water is green and it feels so chilling. The managers provide reliable tubes connected to each other (usually consisting of 4 tubes). Those who want to try tubing must wear both the helmet and safety jacket, though. Have no worries. Everything is taken care by the management so tourists can simply use them during the adventure.

Exploring Santirah River Tubing
The best time to come to Santirah River is during the weekends. The reason is that more participants would make it merrier and fun. Also, it is better to make an appointment with a tour agent first. This helps tourists to find partners for the adventure. Not to mention it becomes safer for them as they are provided with proper gear by the official. The thing is they must prepare enough money to pay such service. It even provides them with lunch and good transportation.

River tubing is considered a good activity for those who love the adrenaline rush and challenging sports. Not only tourists can enjoy river tubing, another activity is body rafting. Some visitors even enjoy a simple activity like cliff jumping. That means they would jump from the cliff and get in the water right away. It is safe as the current is calm, after all. The only consideration is that tourists must choose the right spot to jump off the cliff. Also, they should not bother other visitors who enjoy river tubing.

Despite the safety, tourists must pay attention to several things. For example, it takes some time to reach the checkpoint (featuring a small walk to the site). All the way to the location, they also need to carry the tube provided by the management. After wearing the equipment and getting prepared, they can start the action right away. Santirah River Tubing has the route of about 1.5 km and it spends approximately an hour. Once they finish the activity, they also need to bring back the tube to the post.

Nearby Attractions

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  • White Sand Beach
  • Sutra Cave
  • Green Valley Citumang

How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, tourists need to head to Selasari Village, where the post resides. The trip takes about an hour and the distance is 24.4 km. From the village, they must walk for about several minutes to reach the post.

Where to Stay

  • Java Lagoon Hotel
  • Menara Laut Hotel

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