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Many references of tourist spots are available in Pangandaran Regency and one of them is located in Parigi Sub-District. The name is Jojogan Natural Tourism and it belongs to Selasari Village. The fact is that Jojogan is a new tourist spot on which tourists can enjoy. It is a place where visitors can get close to nature and enjoy its beauty. Usually, people come to Jojogan to witness a breathtaking panorama of the sea as well. Not to mention they are able to find both cave and waterfall in the location.

The Nuance
In Jojogan Natural Tourism, several attractions are available including Jogjogan Waterfall, Numpang River, Lawang Cave, Kedung Cilik, and Kedung Bunder. With all those attractions, tourists can choose either visit one location or all of them at once. The most famous one is the waterfall, though. It features big rocks and lush nature, so people can take a good picture in front of it. When it comes to the cave, both stalagmite and stalactite would amaze everyone! The unique part is that the cave features a river with the depth of about 6 meters and the with the water color of Tosca.

Exploring Jojogan
What can people do in Jojogan Natural Tourism? Usually, people come for relaxation and visiting the flower garden. Some of them even want to conduct a family vacation while studying the plants. Next, Jojogan is famous for the waterfall. It is the best place where tourists can relax and conduct photography. The water flows down on the rocks, creating a soothing atmosphere! Such nuance helps everyone to find peace and get rid of their stresses right away. Not to mention they can take selfies in front of the waterfall and brag them off the social media.

Apart from the flower garden and the waterfall, a beautiful river resides in Jojogan. It is located below the falls where tourists can go body rafting and swimming. The water feels fresh and calm, which is safe for everyone. For kids or those who cannot swim, they can rent a buoy or life vest with an affordable price. On top of that, a guide service is available for them. Of course, it takes more money to get the service. Have no worries. The price won’t be expensive as long as tourists don’t come during holidays or weekends (where many tourists come to the site).

The next adventure tourists can do in Jojogan Natural Tourism is to visit Lawang Cave. Once they enter it, they can see majestic stalagmite and stalactite inside. The nuance is a little bit damp, but that does not stop everyone from exploring the cave. One thing, it is recommended to wear proper footwear as the floor of the cave is a little bit slippery and wet.

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, tourists can directly head to Selasari Village. The trip takes about 2 hours and the distance is 30.2 km. It can be faster if travelers take Raya Cijulang Street and come during the working days.

Where to Stay

  • Menara Laut Hotel
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