Pangandaran Nature Preserve in West Java Province

Pangandaran City offers many references of good attractions including the nature preserve. It is located in Pantai Timur Street and has become the most recommended vacation destination among families. Like the name suggests, it is the place to get close to nature and witness numerous types of flora or fauna. For families, the site provides an important education for the children. Not to mention many types of fun activities can be done in the location. These include exploring the white sand beach and visiting the nearby forest. For those who love water sports, they can do swimming and snorkeling as well.

The Nuance
The nature preserve is located on the 75 meters above the sea level with the total size of about 37.7 hectares. Apart from lush nature, the site features lots of amazing attractions. For instance, there is a natural cave where tourists can explore. When it comes to the flora, the most famous ones are Anong and Laban. The other trees are also seen like Kelepu, Walen, Banyan, Menteng, etc. What about the animals? Many exotic animals live in the forest especially long-tailed apes, lutung, deer, bats, and local birds.

Exploring Pangandaran Nature Preserve
In order to explore the nature preserve, tourists should pass through the gate which is located in the east part of the site. During the adventure, tourists can watch different types of landscape including white sand, dense forest, beach, and much other. In terms of popularity, tourists are likely to try a particular activity called corals adoption tour! That means visitors join the conservation effort in retaining the population of corals. They can learn how to cultivate, maintain, and grow them diligently.

The next fun activity to do is to explore the shepherding area. The size is about 20 hectares and it is the best place to witness majestic animals like local deer and bulls. They are often seen at noon in the field eating the grass. Such amazing scenery becomes a great background for photography, for sure. The thing is tourists must wear a cap or hat when exploring the location. It is because the weather becomes too hot at noon. Another tip is that everyone should carry bottled water and snacks. It is because they won’t find any facilities that provide those products nearby.

The next recommended activity to do is to hear the story regarding the local legend. It is said some holy people meditated in the site and retained great blessings. This explains why some locals also come to Pangandaran Nature Preserve for meditating, especially done in either Parat or Keramat Cave.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Pangandaran City, they may spend about 30 minutes to reach the Nature Preserve. The first route to take is Kidang Penanjung Street and later they can simply head to 
Pantai Timur Street. This short trip is both comfortable and entertaining. Why is that? Travelers can witness lush nature all the way to the site.

Where to Stay

  • Aquarium Resort
  • Nyiur Indah Beach
  • Pamordian Hotel
  • Surya Kencana Hotel

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