Margacinta Village in Cijulang Sub-District, Pangandaran - Indonesia

When visiting West Java Province, tourists should consider dropping by in Margacinta Village. The reason is that it offers unique culture and traditions for everyone to enjoy. The location is in Cijulang Sub-District and it belongs to Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia. Apart from the culture, the village often becomes a vacation destination for those who want to enjoy an adventure like body rafting. All of these attractions definitely make Margacinta as the most recommended destination in Cijulang and surroundings. No one should miss the opportunity to explore it!

The Nuance
In term of nuance, Margacinta Village offers a peaceful atmosphere. The locals live traditionally and they retain their culture conventionally. During special occasions, villagers gather in a particular place attending a traditional performance or music, as well. The performers wear black attire playing some musical instruments in a passionate manner. The next amazing feature of the village is definitely nature. Featuring many plants and bushes, everyone can feel the comfortable and shady ambiance! It even feels better in the morning. Not to mention a wonderful Merpati Pongpet Bridge resides there.

Exploring Margacinta Village
The most interesting charm of Margacinta Village is the local tradition called Badud. It is actually an ancient art and has been passed down for generations. The ritual was created by Aki Ijot and Ardasim in 1880 in Margajaya Village, actually. The locals have been performing it for the purpose of eradicating paddy pest during the planting season. Another purpose is to show gratitude towards the god regarding abundant resources obtained by the villagers. Today, it also becomes an interesting show for tourists or visitors to enjoy. It involves a theatrical done by the villagers and musical performance, as well.

The next attraction tourists can enjoy in Margacinta is the presence of Merpati Pongpet Bridge. Such unique structure becomes the place where visitors enjoy photography and even selfies. One thing, only 5 people are allowed to get on the bridge at the same time during taking pictures. It is the basic rule made by the locals, after all. Despite the small size, it looks magnificent and beautiful. Many people agree that the bridge has become the icon of the village, too.

Another fun thing to do in Margacinta Village is body rafting. In this case, tourists may join the group and enjoy such activity in Cijulang River. Even though the current is not quite strong, the views are splendid and the atmosphere is merry. On top of that, the guide is professional so everyone can safely enjoy the activity. Thanks to it. The locals are able to obtain more income in the tourism industry. As for tourists, they are able to spend the vacation in a more interesting manner.

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, tourists can take Parigi – Cigugur Street and head to Cijulang Sub-District. The distance is 27.7 km and it takes about 1-2 hours. Next, they can directly head to Margacinta for about several minutes. This is going to be a fun trip as they would see lush nature and beautiful panorama.

Where to Stay

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