Karang Nini Beach in Kalipucang Sub-District, Pangandaran

Pangandaran Beach is known for its stunning beaches and amazing nature. This is a fact, actually. For those looking for a serene atmosphere, a beautiful beach resides in Kalipucang Sub-District and the name is Karang Nini. To be exact, it belongs to Emplak Village. It has a significant characteristic which is its secluded location or serenity. That means Karang Nini is suitable to spend a peaceful holiday with families or friends. For those who love photography, the beach provides lots of charming objects to capture as well. What is more?

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the best charm of Karang Nini Beach is the serenity. The formation of waves and the breezy wind never fail to amuse visitors. In the back, tourists might see a dense forest with it comfy nuance. Not only the site provides a beautiful beach, but it offers an appealing forest for tourists to explore! The next feature is the sand, which is brown and soft (where visitors usually conduct beach walking and playing sand). Despite the small size of the sand area, it gets wider during the low tide, though.

Exploring Karang Nini Beach
The most famous thing to do in Karang Nini Beach is relaxing. The peaceful nuance of the site helps tourists to get rid of their problems. Even the sound of the waves is soothing! It feels better in the morning, as well (when the weather is fresh and comfy). Even though no gazebos or other facilities are available, people can simply sit on the sand or under a tree while enjoying sea scenery. The zephyr makes them more comfortable, for sure. Not to mention the sunrise!

The next thing to do in Karang Nini Beach is to explore the forest. As stated above, the beach resides near to a dense forest. For those who love adventure, exploring the forest becomes a good option when spending a holiday at the beach. One thing, it is recommended to come with a guide as he can help with the route and preparation. Moreover, he provides good information regarding the legend or story of the beach.

It is said there was an old couple named Ni Ambu Kolot and Ki Arga Plara. The old man was a fisherman and he worked hard back then. One day, though, he never returned from the sea. The old lady waited for him in the shoreline while shouting his name. Still, he never came back. Later, a mysterious coral appeared on the beach (which is said to be the representation of the dead man). The whole story can be learned from either the locals or tourist guides, actually.

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, travelers only need to head to Kalipucang Sub-District. The trip takes about 50 minutes as the distance is 19 km. When it is the best route, they can take Banjar – Pangandaran Street. Apart from riding private vehicles, many transportation services are available as well.

Where to Stay

  • Lembah Putri Hotel
  • Wayang Guesthouse
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