The East Coast of Pangandaran in West Java Province

Pangandaran City becomes a good reference for those who look for a beach vacation. One of the best destinations is definitely the east coast of Pangandaran. As the name suggests, the beach resides in the eastern part of the city. Not only it is famous for the sea panorama, but the beach is known for the appealing underwater scenery. This explains why most of the tourists come to the beach to go diving, snorkeling, or swimming. Some others come to the location for conducting photography or simply creating a good moment with families, actually.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the East Coast of Pangandaran provides both romantic and peaceful nuance. The sand looks flawless and the waves are calm. This is why the beach is suitable for swimming or doing other water sports like snorkeling. In the shoreline, several stones are scattered beautifully which often become a place for sitting while enjoying the sea scenery. In the horizon, the view of mountains can be seen clearly featuring beautiful sunset in the afternoon. It is true, the beach also becomes a recommended place for sightseeing!

Exploring the East Coast of Pangandaran
The most popular thing to do on the East Coast of Pangandaran is witnessing either sunrise or sunset. In this case, tourists should visit the beach either in the morning or afternoon. Not to mention they must carry a camera to capture such amazing natural attraction. Apart from the sun views, visitors can see a grandiose Slamet Mountain from afar. It is quite visible and often becomes a background for photography. Make sure to come during the best weather, though. The reason is that some fog might cover the mountain and block the view.

The next fun activity to do in Pangandaran East Coast is swimming. Due to calm and safe waves, everyone can enjoy such activity without any worries. For a better experience, they can try either snorkeling or diving. The thing is that they must pay some money to get the service. Have no worries. It is a worthy expense as they can explore the beauty of underwater scenery like fishes, corals, etc. If necessary, they can hire a trainer or guide to help them conduct snorkeling safely.

Another best thing about the beach is the presence of reliable facilities. The locals have provided the best ones to make visitors feel at home. For instance, many fun rides are available like jumper donut, banana boats, parasailing, and much more! Even tourists can rent a small cruise boat to explore the sea or visit a nearby island called Nusakambangan.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The East Coast of Pangandaran is located in Pantai Timur Street. Tourists can reach it through Parapat Street and the distance is about 8.5 km. The trip won’t take more than an hour, though. When it is about transportation service, tourists can take advantage of a bus or a taxi. Renting a car is also recommended.

Where to Stay

  • Pamordian Hotel
  • Surya Kencana Hotel
  • Arnawa Hotel

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