Bojong Waterfall in Sukahurip Village, Pangandaran City - Indonesia

A curug or waterfall also becomes the reason why tourists come to Pangandaran in West Java Province, Indonesia. In fact, many references are available to choose including the one located in Sukahurip Village. The name is Bojong, actually. It resides in Merdeka Street and has been chosen as a recommended place to spend a holiday. In the past, the name was Sawangan Waterfall. The locals named it that way as they wanted it to serve any tourists regardless where they come from. The location is in Sukahurip Village and it belongs to Pangandaran Regency.

The Nuance
In term of nuance, Bojong Waterfall is considered peaceful and pristine. The reason is that the falls is located in a secluded area. It is surrounded by trees and other natural features like stones, bushes, etc. However, the waterfall is not quite tall. Even tourists can climb and play water on it. Below, a natural pond resides where visitors can get it. The water is calm and feels so refreshing. It is even more comfortable in the morning! Despite lacking facilities, the site always gets visitors due to its tranquil atmosphere.

Exploring Bojong Waterfall
Being a top tourist spot in Sukahurip Village, Bojong Waterfall has reached the same popularity to Madasari Beach, Batu Hiu, Green Canyon, and other famous attractions in Pangandaran. Not only it is famous for its tranquility, the waterfall also holds an interesting story. In the past, a man named Mangun Jantra lived in the nearby village. He was a foreigner but had adapted to the local culture. He promoted the waterfall to both the locals and outsiders and later changed the name of it into Bojong (due to the flow of river coming from Bojong Village).

Bojong Waterfall resides in an area of 14 hectares and about 150 meters above the sea level. The most famous tourist activity to do in the site is playing water. Thanks to the presence of the natural pond. All visitors are allowed to get in and play in it. Even kids can enjoy the activity due to the safety of the pond. The only tip they must pay attention is related to the extra clothes. It is true they are going to get wet so they must have prepared those items.

As mentioned before, no facilities are available in Bojong Waterfall. However, local food vendors often come to the location so tourists can buy some snacks when spending a vacation on the site. One thing, they must take care of the trash later. As for the tip, they should carry a plastic bag and put the trash in it after eating.

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, tourists can directly head to Sukahurip Village. It takes about 30 minutes and the distance is 11 km. After going through Sukahurip Street, the next road to take is Merdeka Street. Have no worries. It is a short trip, especially if travelers ride a private vehicle.

Where to Stay

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