Playing Water in Citumang Green Valley, Parigi Sub-District

Many references of tourist spots are available in Parigi Sub-District, Pangandaran. One of them is called Citumang Green Valley, which is the site to enjoy body rafting. The location is in Parigi Sub-District and the locals choose it as a good destination for relaxation and get closer to nature. Due to its popularity, the site is also known among foreigners. No wonder, Citumang is always crowded especially during weekends. Despite the serenity, the presence of visitors makes it fun and merry! Moreover, some come to the location to eradicate their stresses as well.

The Nuance
Citumang Green Valley is actually a river that comes with a calm current. The water feels refreshing and it clear. The water is not even deep Surrounded by dense trees and bushes, the water reflects green color (which represents the name of it). Apart from comfortable water, the river emits a soothing ambiance. Even the river water is not quite deep, so it is safe for all ages as long as they wear the safety jacket. In term of accessibility, everyone can reach the site as it is located near to Bojong Village.

Exploring Citumang Green Valley
Body rafting becomes the most interesting activity to do in Citumang Green Valley. Unlike regular rafting, participants won’t use any raft or boat as they are going to swim and float during the adventure. They would wear proper gear or equipment and go in a group, actually. One of the members is the instructor who guides the activity. This explains why the activity is quite safe, even for children. Not to mention it only takes about 3 to 4 hours to explore Citumang, which is enough to get the fun and eradicate all the stresses.

Visiting Citumang Green Valley and enjoy body rafting always become a good idea for those who come to Pangandaran. It helps them to get away from busy life and find peace during a holiday, as well. It doesn’t have to be body rafting because other activities like swimming are also recommended. Not to mention tourists can enjoy photography and relax. They don’t have to enter the water, as Green Valley provides a facility on which they can use for hanging out.

What is next? During the adventure in Citumang, tourists should take the chance in learning the history of the site as well. The rumor has it. A legendary crocodile named Citumang lived there. Despite the legend, no one ever encounters such mystical creature. Another thing people should know about the site is related to the tips. It is better to come during the hot season, as the water debt is more suitable for body rafting. On the other hand, rainy season makes it a little bit risky for beginners.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, tourists can directly head to Parigi Sub-District. The next destination is Bojong Village, where the post resides. This trip takes about 1 hour and the distance is 25 km. It can be faster if tourists come by private vehicle, in fact.

Where to Stay

  • Java Lagoon Hotel
  • Menara Laut Hotel

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