Kerapyak Beach in Pangandaran Regency, Indonesia

The common knowledge is that Pangandaran Regency owns many charming beaches. One of them is located in Kalipucang Sub-District, which is called Kerapyak Beach. To be exact, the location is in Bagolo Village and it resides about 20 km from the prime beach of the region (Pangandaran Coast). Due to its easy access, people can reach the beach from many places including Pangandaran City and nearby regions. Not to mention many types of transportation services are available. So, what makes Kerapyak special or different than other nearby beaches? Here is a little bit review regarding the site.

The Nuance
Even though Kerapyak cannot beat Pangandaran Beach in term of beauty, it remains as one of the most exotic places to visit, though. The white sand of the coast comes with the length of about 5 km. Several coral reefs are scattered on the beach, as well. During the low tide, several fishes are left on the water between those rocks! They appear both beautiful and cute, for sure. Not to mention tourists can find other small sea creatures like crabs, mollusks, etc. When it comes to the waves, they are quite strong and majestic.

Exploring Kerapyak Beach
The presence of big coral reefs near to the beach becomes the prime attraction in Kerapyak Beach. Lots of tourists take the opportunity to conduct photography in the location. They approach those grandiose corals and take selfies in front of them as well. As mentioned before, some small fishes are seen between the corals during the low tide. Thus, make sure to get near to those objects at the right time if you do not want to miss such phenomenon.

Apart from the coral reefs, Kerapyak Beach is also famous for its pristine nature. The unspoiled beauty of the beach might impress everyone, for sure. The water is clean and no trash is seen on the site. Such pure and peaceful nuance makes it a perfect place for relaxing and finding inspiration, too. The only disappointment is that no reliable facilities (toilets, food vendors, and gazebos) are available. That means tourists must get prepared before visiting the beach.

What about swimming? It is a prohibited activity due to the scary and big waves. Does it mean the beach is suitable for surfing as it features good waves? Well, it is not recommended due to the presence of many steep corals that scatter all over the coast. As an alternative, tourists are allowed to reach a famous nearby island called Nusakambangan, which is an island of prisoners! By renting a boat, everyone is allowed to get to the island later.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Pangandaran City and Kalipucang Sub-District is 24 km and it takes about 1 hour to get there. Once tourists reach Kalipucang, their next destination is Bagolo Village. All of the trips can be done through Banjar – Pangandaran Street, actually. It can even be faster if the traffic is low.

Where to Stay

  • Pantai Jaya Hotel
  • Horison Palma Hotel
  • Sri Rahayu Hotel
  • Nusa Indah Hotel

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