Legok Jawa Beach in Cimerak Sub-District, Pangandaran - Indonesia

Pangandaran Regency is known for its beaches and other interesting vacation destinations. As for the reference, tourists can visit Legok Jawa Beach in Cimerak Sub-District, Pangandaran Regency part of West Java, Indonesia. Even though it is not as popular as Batukaras and Pangandaran Beach, everyone can do many interesting things on the site. These include a family vacation, photography, reaching the lighthouse, watching a local horse race, and much more. Not to mention the beach is known for its lush and pristine beauty! Some visitors even come to the beach for enjoying the fresh air and breezy wind. This helps them removing stresses, after all.

The Nuance
The most noticeable part of Legok Jawa Beach is its sloping coast. Tourists can see beautiful sand and trees as well around the beach. Not to mention some coral reefs reside majestically in that area. Next, visitors would be rejuvenated by the breezy wind. Even the sound of the splash of the waves is quite peaceful. Tourists can enjoy those features from afar sitting on available huts, too. What’s more? A lighthouse resides in that area, on which tourists often take selfies and conduct photography.

Exploring Legok Jawa Beach
Many visitors come to Legok in order to enjoy the nature. They come with either families or friends and spend a memorable holiday in a day. Usually, these people simply walk around the beach and feel its comfy wind. They also witness the splash of the waves, which is considered soothing. Playing water is possible as long as tourists pay attention to their safety. It is because Legok Jawa Beach has strong waves featuring wild wind. That means swimming is not recommended there.

The next charm of Legok Jawa Beach is definitely the lighthouse. Entering and climbing such structure is allowed as long as tourists take care of the environment. From the top of it, they can see breathtaking sea scenery and take some pictures of the nature using their camera. After enjoying such photography activity, they must never forget to watch a local horse race. The thing is they must find out about the schedule of the event as it is not always available. As for the tips, tourists can consult to their tour agency regarding such matter.

What’s next? Legok Jawa Beach is also famous for its seafood or marine culinary. Local fishermen have specialties like lobsters and big fishes. They even sell these products near to the beach so tourists can buy them directly. On top of that, they can get cheap prices especially for those who can do some bargains. A good communication skill is required, though. Not to mention they should learn a little bit of the Indonesian Language.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Pangandaran Regency and Cimerak Sub-District is 46 km. That means tourists might spend about 2 hours to reach the location. As for the faster trip, they can use Cijulang Raya Street from Cijulang Bus Station. As an alternative, the trip takes about 1 hour from Green Canyon by local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Putri Hotel
  • Bungalow Resort
  • Shane Josa Resort

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