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A vacation to West Java provides a wonderful experience for tourists, especially when they are visiting Pangandaran Regency. A beautiful beach lies in that region, which has the same name with it. Due to its charming beauty, Pangandaran Beach is chosen as the primary tourist attraction and has become a good destination for spending a family vacation, holidays, weekends, and other occasions. People come to the beach to enjoy some fun activities like swimming, beach walking, photography, and even riding a local boat. Here are some interesting facts regarding the beach so tourists can use them as a reference prior to visiting the location.

The Nuance
One thing, what is meant by Pangandaran Beach is all references of beaches tourists can visit in the region. Most of them share similar characteristics as well. Once tourists arrive at those beaches, they would see the unspoiled or natural scenery. The sand is clean and soft so it is suitable for beach walking (even without footwear). Near to the shoreline, a big coral reef resides majestically. Some bushes and small trees grow on it, as well. In the sea, small and safe waves are seen featuring crystal blue sea water! Not to mention the wind feels breezy and the atmosphere is quite comfortable. Sometimes, several traditional boats (which belongs to fishermen) passing by and they often offer a short ride to visitors.

Exploring Pangandaran Beaches
The first reference that people should know called Penanjung Beach. It is famous for its white sand and shallow shoreline. Some people come to the beach and enjoy water sports like snorkeling and swimming, too! Thanks to the good visibility and mesmerizing underwater beauty. The next option is Batu Hiu Beach, which means the beach of the sharks. That doesn’t mean the beach becomes the home of the sharks but it has a coral reef that represents the shape of such sea creature.

The next beach is called Batu Karas, which is located near to Cijulang. The unique charm of the beach is the presence of good waves which are suitable for surfing. In fact, it is considered the best choice for those who want to enjoy such activity. Apart from surfing, it is suitable for other fun activities like boat and banana boat riding. As an alternative, tourists can visit other beach called Lembah Putri. It is a good choice for those who want to do photography and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

What is next? Karang Nini also becomes the part of the best beaches in Pangandaran. It is famous for the local legend regarding a sacred coral reef which has the shape of an old lady. The locals say it was a woman who is waiting for her lover for decades (but turns out he never comes back). Krapyak Beach is another choice for those who want to enjoy a beach vacation in Pangandaran. This one is famous for its secluded location and often becomes a destination for relaxation.

Nearby Attractions

  • White Sand Beach
  • Karang Nini Beach
  • Lembah Putri Beach
  • Pangandaran Waterpark

How to Get There
From Pangandaran City, travelers should drive about 30 minutes to 1 hour and head to nearby beaches. They can even visit all of those beaches if it is necessary! The best route is Pangandaran Raya Street, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Bamboo House Hotel
  • Menara Laut Hotel
  • Nyiur Resort Hotel
  • Nyiur Indah Hotel
  • Arnawa Hotel
  • Grand Tirta Hotel

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